Photo Contest

Public Health Research @ Maryland Photo Contest

New to Public Health Research at Maryland this year, we have added a photo contest to provide a way for participants to showcase their creativity and share images that speak to the diverse concepts of public health. We invite you to think broadly about how we can tell the story of public health using photography to engage, inspire or challenge others to think differently about issues that impact local and global communities.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to submit an entry to our photo contest. Many entries will be displayed at the event, in the School of Public Health, and on our website. However, as with research posters, only photos submitted by students will be judged in the contest.

Students will win cash prizes (first prize $100, second prize $50, and third prize $25). Winners will be chosen by participants at the event, who will be invited to evaluate submissions based on creativity, impact and relevance to public health. Winners will be announced during the closing session, as well as on the SPH website. The winners will also be contacted via email.

How do I enter?

Submissions to the photo contest are no longer being accepted, but we hope you will join us to appreciate and vote on the images received.