Winning Research Posters 2019

More than 100 researchers presented posters illustrating their work. Research presented at the poster session included projects conducted in collaboration with or led by partners from the National Institutes of Health, the FDA, LifeBridge Health, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (Israel) Westate and county and state health departments, among others. See all submitted posters. 

Poster winners were selected in the following categories:

Undergraduate Student Awards

First Place: Eileen Yee, Georgetown University, Human Science

Title: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Uncontrolled Diabetes

Honorable Mention: Delia West, Georgetown University, Human Science

Title: The Effect of Education on Overweight/Obesity in Young Adults

Honorable Mention: Adewale Awoyemi, UMD SPH, Public Health Science

Title: High Intensity Acute Cycling exercise Performed during Consolidation

Masters Student Awards

First Place: Emily Jenkins, UMD SPH, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Title: Tooth resorption and risk for anesthetic complication during anesthetized dental procedures in domestic felines

Honorable Mention: Erica VanDyke, UMB school of Medicine, Pediatrics/Division of Growth and Nutrition
Title: Examining the provision of Technical Assistance in a school wellness policy intervention: what worked and why?

Honorable Mention: Ajuni Choudhary, UMB School of Medicine, Epidemiology
Title: The association between student’s perceptions of school physical activity policies/environment and objectively measured school day physical activity

Doctoral Student Awards

First Place: Hillary Craddock, UMD SPH, Applied Environmental Health
Title: Microbiological Quality of Treated Household Greywater, Palestinian Territories

Honorable mention: Fiona Jardine, UMD College of Information Studies
Title: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Reasons for initiation and cessation of exclusively pumping human milk

Honorable Mention: Harry Li, UMD SPH, Kinesiology
Title: Calcium activation of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation is maintained in heart failure levels of extramitochondrial sodium